Year 4 Clarinets Performance

Year 4 put on a marvellous performance this morning to showcase their clarinet skills following lessons throughout the school year from DPA.

Well done everyone!

Year 6 Bible Explorers

Year 6 have been learning R.E through Bible Explorers who have taught the new testament through activities, drama and memorable actions. 
This week, the class enjoyed their last session where they received a certificate and a gift of mini bible stories.
Mr Brown commented on their fantastic enthusiasm and recall of events from week to week, so well done Year 6!

Action for Happiness - Jump Back up July

Resilience is a skill we can develop. Even when we can't change a difficult situation, we can still choose how to respond and try to make the best of it.

The Action for Happiness Jump Back July calendar is full of great ways to boost your resilience. Share it with others to give them a boost too.

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