Music Lessons with DPA

We are working with Dudley Performing Arts (DPA) to provide music lessons in school and now is a fantastic time to start learning a musical instrument! The team at DPA have decades of experience and are the biggest provider of music education in our area. Students can begin lessons for as little as £7.50 a session so if you would like your child to start learning simply click on the link below to find out how it works.

Learning a musical instrument is a great thing for young people to do. It can help in all sorts of ways and research suggests that it can help children develop academically and socially.  Lessons take place at school making it easy to fit in around your busy family lives and we hope that you will take up this amazing offer.

Action for Happiness - Joyful June

Let's look for what's good.

When facing big challenges we can still notice the little good things. Even in difficult times, there is still a lot to be grateful for. And we can actively cultivate positive feelings by looking for what's good.

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