DPA - Come and Play

On Thursday, Dudley Performing Arts ran their annual 'Come and Play' event.

Children, parents and staff of all music abilities joined together to learn a new piece of music and perform together.

We had a range of instruments from violins to flutes. Some children learnt how to play a rhythm on a djembe drum and the parents learnt to play some notes on the trombone.

We had a fantastic afternoon sharing music together.

Thank you to Dudley Performing Arts for running the event and to all of the children, parents and staff who took part.

26th February 2020 - Year 6 Anne Frank Workshop

Year 6 took part in the 'Free to Be' session this morning where we learnt about prejudice and discrimination.

We learnt about how these things affected the life of Anne Frank and how they are still present today. We also learnt about ways that we can challenge prejudice and discrimination.

Thank you to Viv from The Anne Frank Trust for delivering the session.

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