17 Jan 2020 - Textiles Club - Week 2

In week two of Textiles Club the children made purses and cushions!

9 Jan 2020 - Textiles Club - Week 1

We had a great first session at textiles club! In week one, we learnt how to do a running stitch and blanket stitch. Some of the children used these skills to write their initials or create patterns. Well done everyone!

7 Jan 2020 - Year 1 Traffic Survey

On Tuesday, Year 1 conducted a traffic survey as part of their new topic launch: 'Going Places'

The children predicted that the most common mode of transport would be the car and they were correct!

6 Jan 2020 - Year 1 bake from Grandma's Cupcake Recipe

On Monday, Grandma left Year 1 a cupcake recipe to follow. The children worked in groups to read the instructions and follow them carefully. This helped the children to understand the language of an instruction text. We also made some very delicious cakes!!

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