Year 2 Forest School - 20th April 2021

On Tuesday 20th April, Year 2 attended their very first Forest School Session. They were introduced to Mr Yates who was going to be running our sessions. To begin with, Mr Yates taught the children how to keep safe, particularly when walking around the firepit. We then went on a guided tour of the urban forest and identified potential dangers. 
The focus of the session was to use natural resources to build a den for their (plastic) animals which would shelter them from the elements. The children could use sawdust and hay to create a comfortable bedding area. It was lovely to see the children's imaginations come to life and there were some excellent design features including built-in entertainment and defence mechanisms. 
The children are really looking forward to their next session. 

Year 1 Forest School - 20th April 2021

Year 1 had a great afternoon searching for minibeasts. They explored the forest, looking for different types of insect and identifying them using the bug identification leaflet provided by Mr Yates. Year 1 found earwigs, woodlouse, centipedes, millipedes and beetles.

Forest School is coming to The Ridge!

Thank you to Peter from 'Simply Forest School' and our army of volunteers who gave up their time to help clear some vegetation in preparation for Forest School here at The Ridge - you did an amazing job, and we are so very grateful!

We've also had donations of wooden pallets, logs and branches pruned from trees, so thank you very much for these too, they will come in very useful for Den building!

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