Year 1 Forest School

We had a great last session at Forest School. All children roasted marshmallows and then made s'mores by encasing them in digestive biscuits. They also enjoyed climbing trees and building dens together.

19th May 2021 - Year 1's Fluffy Visitors!

Year 1 had some lovely, fluffy visitors this afternoon!

19th May 2021 - Year 1 Fruit Printing

Year 1 had a go at printing using fruit this afternoon. They were inspired by the work of Andy Warhol and tried to imitate his repeat-pattern printing style!

Forest School - 18th May 2021

Years 1 and 2 had a great time in Forest School today. Mr Yates lit a fire and we enjoyed some hot chocolate and popcorn whilst watching it. We also planted a sunflower seed which we have all taken home to watch grow. Some of us had a go at creating a spark using a flint striker

Year 1 Forest School - 4th May 2021

We had a great afternoon in Forest School today. Mr Yates showed us how to use a vegetable peeler to whittle our own magic wand! We also had the opportunity to use a hammer to imprint some leaves onto a piece of cloth and turn it into a flag.

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