Uniform Collection for Project Gambia

Dear Parents/Carers

We will be helping to support Project Gambia this year by collecting school uniform to send to children in Gambia. If you have any uniform that no longer fits or you no longer require, we would really appreciate it if you would donate it to help support our appeal. We will be collecting school uniform, PE kits, school shoes and pumps. If sending in footwear could you please place an elastic band around each pair or secure them in a small plastic bag. This will make sorting them a lot easier.  We can also accept donations of general children’s clothes and shoes.

If you would like to donate, then please place all items in a bag and bring into school on the morning of Thursday 21st July. Please leave your items at the bungalow during morning drop off.  (Please don't send children into school with the items)

Thank you for all of your help and support, it really is appreciated.

Many thanks

Mrs L Melia
PSHE Co-ordinator

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