Transition Day Arrangements

Dear Parents/Carers

Arrangements for Transition Day – Friday 16th July

Please see below some information about the arrangements for the start and end of the day for our transition day on Friday. To avoid mixing of bubbles, sharing spaces, and to minimise the need for additional cleaning beyond the enhanced cleaning that we already have in place, the children will spend all day in their new classroom. There will be no PE. Unfortunately, Miss Carrington is not in school at the moment so our new Year 1 will see her remotely while being supported in the classroom by Mrs Smith and Mrs Bineck.


· Arrival times for most children will remain the same as for their current class

· Children in current Reception and Year 1 will be taken by parents to their new classrooms and be dropped off at the door.

· Mrs Melia will have new Year 2 for the morning, as Mrs Masters is unable to be in school until the afternoon. (They will have an additional session with Miss Beddoes during the last week of term)

· Current Year 2 are asked to arrive at 8.45 a.m. and line up on the playground at the Year 2 class cone. Parents are asked not to come onto the playground, unless they are dropping off a sibling in KS1. Miss Wesson will come and collect the class and take them upstairs.

· Current Years 3, 4 and 5 are to line up at their cones as usual and will be sent up in groups to their new classrooms.

· Current Year 6 are to line up and go as a class to the hall. They will also have use of the field and bungalow throughout the day. Mrs Ryder will have the class all day and they are to come in PE kit.

Playtimes and Lunchtimes

· Children will have the playtime of their new year group.

· Children will have the lunch arrangements for their current year groups.


· 3.00 p.m. - new Years 1 and 2 (This is a change for current reception)

New Year 1 to leave from the small playground and exit via the back gate.

New Year 2 will exit from the main door.

· 3.10p.m. - new Year 5 will exit from the top of the ramp and new Year 3 from the main doors

· 3.20 p.m. - new Year 6 will exit from the top of the ramp and new Year 4 from the main doors

· Current Year 6 will be dismissed from the bungalow, or field at 3.20 p.m.

Kind regards

Mrs D Hudson



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