Skipping Workshops - Wednesday 6th March 2024

I am delighted to inform you that we have invited a company called Skipping Workshops to work with our children, teaching different skipping skills to every class throughout the school day on Wednesday 6th March.   

Skipping Workshops have presented demonstrations in over 3000 schools since they launched in 1997. Their goal is to promote skipping as a means of enhancing coordination, concentration, cooperation and communication for children of all ages.

To help children and parents interested in encouraging skipping they have a series of brief videos that illustrate various skills & challenges  

Following this workshop, our aim is to introduce modern and traditional skipping games including individual rope tricks, speed skills and Double Dutch, back into the playground and into the PE curriculum.  

Your child will be required to come to school in a PE ‘outfit’ on this day. We will be having a PE clothing mufti day at a cost of £1 per child to raise money towards purchasing skipping ropes. Children can wear sports clothes of their choice, but please ensure it is appropriate for school and suitable to complete the skipping workshop in.

If you as a parent wish to purchase a skipping rope for your child to use at home, they can be purchased through the Skipping Workshops website with a small postage fee added.  

Yours in sport, 

Mr Lamb

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