Shorts & Shades Picnic - 15th July 2022

Dear Parents/Carers
After a break of a couple of years, but I'm excited to say that on Friday 15th July we will be having our annual Shorts and Shade picnic once again. We all enjoy coming together for a lovely picnic on the field but Shorts and Shade was established as a fund raising event to raise funds for Mary Stevens Hospice. Over the past few years this local charity has taken on a deeper significance for our school, as they have supported a number of our families. We would really like to show our appreciation for the work that they do and so this year we will be asking for a donation of £1.00 for everyone who attends, don't worry if you are unable to.
Parents and carers are invited to come along and bring a small picnic to share with their children. If you are not able to attend, please send a small picnic with your child but please make sure they know which food is for their lunch and which is for their picnic. We will also be selling ice creams and other refreshments from the bungalow as usual on a Friday, but starting earlier, during the event with proceeds from this sale to school fund. If you could bring small change/coins for any purchases, it would be appreciated. (we will also have collection buckets for any change for the hospice)
We are conscious that there are a number of things that we have asked you to support financially over recent weeks but hope that you will feel able to support Mary Steven's Hospice - a very worthwhile cause.  
We look forward to seeing you from 2.15 pm, don't forget your shorts, shades and sun protection.

Mrs D Hudson

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