Parent Feedback

At the Ridge we always welcome feedback from our parents, here are a selection of the lovely comments received from a selection of summer reports......

''What an absolutely brilliant report! we are extremely proud of how our child has settled into school life!!''

''We feel like you really know our child''

''We are very pleased that you recognise a lovely character aswell as academic achievements''

''Big thanks for sparking a love of learning''

''Our child loves coming to school, she is even eager to come back during school holidays!!''

''Thank you for making such a positive impact on our child's education''

''Thank you for giving our child an amazing start to school life''

''Our child's confidence has come on leaps and bounds since being at the Ridge''

''Thank you so much for your dedication to our child's learning, we could not have asked for more passion, fun and humour for his amazing brain!! Not only has he soared, he's had an absolute blast!!''

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