Teaching Staff

Mrs D Hudson Head Teacher
Mrs J Hadley Deputy Head Teacher & Year 3 Teacher
Miss R Beddoes Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs L Melia Reception Teacher
Miss S Carrington Year 1 Teacher
Mrs L Ryder Year 2 Teacher
Mrs E Dipple & Mrs J Hadley Year 3 Teachers
Mrs R Johnson Year 4 Teacher
Miss E Thompson Year 5 Teacher
Miss K Ball Year 6 Teacher
Mrs C Adams Specialist P.E and Sports Teacher
Mrs L Collett PPA Teacher (Tue/Wed)
Mrs D Hunt SENco

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Mangan Reception Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Smith Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Kirby Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Evans Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Turner Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Fereday Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Warren Year 6 Teaching Assistant & Family Support Partner
Miss C Ware SEN Teaching Assistant

Kindergarten Staff

Mrs C Burley Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs A Collins Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Spink Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
Miss L Stubbs-Thomas Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Boucker Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Mrs V Davenport School Business Manager
Mrs Y Priest Office Assistant
Mrs J Brown ICT Administrator
Mr S Leigh Strategic Finance Manager
Mrs L Kirby Family Support Partner
Mrs C Shayle Lunchtime Superintendent
Mrs S Harris Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V Phillips Roden Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Boucker Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Rose Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Simpson Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Walters Lunchtime Cashier (DMBC)
Mrs S Grant Senior Kitchen Assistant (DMBC)
Ms S Rivers Kitchen Assistant (DMBC)
Mrs C Hill Kitchen Assistant (DMBC)
Mr L Rowley Site Manager
Mrs P Dudley Cleaner
Mrs C Shayle Cleaner
Miss L Freeman Cleaner

Areas of Responsibility

Miss R Beddoes English Subject Leader
Mrs J Hadley Mathematics Subject Leader
Mrs D Hunt Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)
Mrs K Mangan First Aid Co-ordinator
Mrs L Kirby School Council
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