A message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we come to the end of this first week since wider opening of the school, it is wonderful to see how quickly we have all slipped back into what had become a familiar routine. The children have been amazing and their confidence and enthusiasm for returning to the classroom is a real credit to you all. The staff too, have been brilliant and I want to pay tribute to them for all their hard work both during lockdown but also in ensuring such a welcoming and reassuring environment for their pupils.

As we welcome more children back to school, we also want to welcome Mrs Catherine Giles who has joined the staff to cover Mrs Burley's maternity leave in Kindergarten. Mrs Burley begins her maternity leave after Easter and currently she is working from home or in school, but not face to face with the children. We are delighted that Mrs Giles has joined us again after working in Year 3 previously.

This week we have sent out some important information, which you can find on our website. These relate to

  • Recruitment of a Parent Governor
  • Relationships and Sex Education Consultation
  • Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire (Years 5 and 6 only)
  • Comic Relief

Please make sure that you have seen these and have responded if required. Contact the school office if you are having difficulty accessing them.


Some Reminders

Although school is now open to all children, we must not relax the steps that we are taking to reduce community transmission of Covid-19. I don't want this to sound like a moan but we are reliant on everyone doing their bit - we have experienced very few cases in school since the start of the pandemic and are anxious that this continues to be the case.

  • Please ensure that you observe social distancing whist waiting on the playground, moving around the site and in Gregory Road - It is concerning to see the hard work to keep bubbles isolated in school, undone as children and parents mingle, especially at the end of the day and on the way home. As you exit the playground, please maintain a 2m distance between your household and any others. This may mean waiting for a short while before going onto the path.
  • Please supervise your children whist waiting for siblings on the playground and walking around the building on your way home. Children need to remain in household groups with the adult collecting tem. Please could we also ask that you don't allow pupils in Key Stage 1 to play in the reception outdoor area or on the fire escape as the leave the site.
  • Our staggered start times are designed to help social distancing. Please do not bring your child to school early.

We hope that by reinforcing these messages, we can continue to do all we can to minimise any further disruption to the children's learning in school through the closure of bubbles.

Thank you for on-going support.


  • Uniform - we understand that children may have outgrown the uniform they were wearing before lockdown and are happy to relax our uniform code until the shops re-open. (e.g., early wearing of summer uniform and a relaxation of the need for 'school' shoes) However, we would ask that children in winter uniform wear a tie. These can be bought from the school office. 
  • Parking in Gregory Road - I am sure that the majority of you will share my frustration that we have already had a complaint about parking in Gregory Road. I think that I have said all that needs to be said on this matter, however I have attached a letter from West Midlands Police about the issue.
  • Covid-19 - Further information on Covid-19 testing for parents and carers has been provided from the Local Authority.  A copy of this is also attached.


Thoughts on being Back at School

"I love seeing all my friends again." (Reception pupil)

"I missed my teacher." (Year 1 pupil)

"I love learning at school and going home to tell my mum and dad all about it." (Year 2 pupil)

"Sometimes learning at home was lonely but now I have my friends to learn with." (Year 3 pupil)

"More learning goes into your head at school than at home." (Year 4 pupil)

"Things learnt with pleasure, you never forget. It's a pleasure being back at school." (Year 4 pupil)

"Learning at home was hard for parents, especially if they were trying to help siblings with different work at the same time." (Year 5 pupil)

"Trying to do science experiments at home was hard. At school we have all the resources we need." (Year 5 pupil)

"It gives us a sense of normality." (Year 6 pupil)

"The staff and our friends make school a welcoming community." (Year 6 pupil)

"It's comfortable and natural - it felt safe, being surrounded by trusted adults and friends." (Year 6 pupil)

"It's good seeing people face to face rather than through a screen." (Year 6 pupil)

"If anyone had any doubts about children returning to school, then only need to stand on the playground at playtime and see the look of joy on their faces, to be reassured". (Mrs Kirby)

"It's lovely to hear the buzz around the place: it feels like a school again." (Mrs. Warren)

What wonderful and insightful comments from our children!  I hope that you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday for another rewarding week back in school.

Kind regards

Mrs D Hudson

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