Hot Weather Update

Dear Parents/Carers 

As I am sure you are aware, the forecast for next week is for some record breaking temperatures, in school we will be working hard to keep the children as cool as possible during this time by taking the following measures:

  • uniform requirements will be relaxed on Monday and Tuesday (a measure which might be extended). Please dress your child in light coloured, loose fitting clothes such as a t-shirt and shorts. Please make sure that clothes and shoes are suitable for school - no football shirts, crop tops, flip flops or jelly shoes.
  • Please apply sun cream before school and make sure that your child has a wide brimmed hat and a full water bottle.
  • We will be suspending outdoor PE lessons on Monday and Tuesday.
  • At lunchtime, the staff will use their discretion to shorten the amount of time that the children are outdoors. They will encourage them not to run about but to sit in a shady spot. Depending on the temperatures in school, staff may decide that classes will spend all or part of their lunchtime indoors.
  • You may wish to send an extra drink for your child to have at lunchtime. 
  • Forest school sessions will go ahead in the shade of the trees on Tuesday but again, may be shortened. Please make sure that your child's clothing is suitable for Forest School.
All our classrooms have fans. Windows and doors will be opened early in the morning and closed once the outdoor temperature becomes warmer than that inside. Blinds will be kept closed. As is our usual practice, the children will be encouraged to stay hydrated and refill their water bottles as needed.
We hope that these measures will go some way to making the children feel a bit more comfortable during this hot spell.
Kind regards
Mrs D Hudson
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