Further changes to arrangements w/c 20th September

Dear Parents and Carers
I am writing to share some information about our plans to relax some of the measures that we have in place to mitigate against the spread of Covid. As you know, things move quickly and on this basis, some of the plans we had made, can no longer go ahead.
We have been fortunate that since the start of term we have not to have had any cases of Covid in school.  However, this is in contrast with many other schools and nurseries. I have been in a meeting where Public Health shared that there has been a significant rise in the number of cases in educational settings and this is increasing daily. In light of this latest information, we have decided to maintain our current arrangements of restricted mixing,  staggered lunchtimes, starts and finishes.  Whilst none of us wish to prolong the time that we have these measures in place, it seems only sensible that we remain cautious, an approach which is supported by Dudley Local Authority and Public Health.
Therefore, from Monday 20th September the following will apply:
  • Staggered start from 8.40am to 8.47am as previously advised.
  • Reception and Key stage 1 children should bring in their book bag and pump bag.
  • We will not be using the Key Stage 2 Cloakrooms, so KS2 children should not bring in a rucksack or bag, but should bring their pumpbag.
  • Break and Lunchtimes will remain as they are currently with children having alternate weeks eating packed  lunches in the classroom and alternate weeks having a full dining service in the hall. (except for Reception class)
  • We will be moving to the new timings at the end of the day as previously advised.
  • Oscar will return to extended opening hours with breakfast and snack provided but the organisation of the sessions will maintain restricted mixing. 
  • Music lessons, swimming and class visits will go ahead as planned. 
  • We will continue to practise enhanced hygiene and ventilation and minimise visitors into school.
  • Staff will continue to wear facecoverings in communal areas of school. 
  • We ask parents and carers to wear facecoverings when on the school site.
We will of course keep these arrangments under review.
Kind regards

Mrs D Hudson


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