Doodle Maths Technical Issues - September 2018

Dear parents / carers,

As many of you are aware, there have been a number of issues with DoodleMaths since the big update to their system at the start of the new term.

I have been assured by DoodleMaths that they have been releasing mini-fixes since the update, so many of these issues have now been resolved. However, they have issued the following guidance for schools and parents to ensure that our children's accounts are working properly...

Please ensure that the latest version of the app has been downloaded on all your devices at home.

For any pupils who have lost streaks, please email with your child's name and the streak they were on so we can manually reinstate them.

We have released another fix which should then resolve all display issues, such as minus stars or avatars changing. It would be worth encouraging children to make sure they are connected to the internet and then complete an activity. This will enable the fix to work, although it could take up to 30 hours after the fix has been downloaded!


Jo Hadley

Deputy Headteacher

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