COVID 19 - Update to Schools 14th July 2021

A message from the school following a joint request  from Dudley Local Authority and Public Health. 
Dear Parents / Carers,

Covid-19 update

As you know, the government has announced an easing of covid-19 measures from 19th July 2021 but expects the wearing of face coverings to be continued in indoors spaces.

With current cases of covid-19 rising rapidly in the borough and doubling weekly, we have been asked by the local authority to keep all current measures in place until the end of this term. This includes wearing face coverings on site.

Please be aware that, in line with current guidance, the need for isolation when advised still remains.  This will not change until 16th August 2021.

When the new academic year begins in September, we may need to temporarily reintroduce some measures to control cases and outbreaks in local areas. This will be on the instruction of the borough’s Director of Public Health and we will of course communicate any outbreak management plans to you as soon as possible.

We hope we can count on your continued support whilst we remain in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Kind regards

Mrs D Hudson


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