Charity Cake Sale

Dear Parents/Carers

Monday 7th until Friday 11th June is Child Safety Week. In school we will be spending some time reminding ourselves about how to keep safe and what to do in different emergency situations. The Child Accident Prevention Trust is a charity that works closely with nurseries, schools and the NHS to deliver safety advice and information to parents and practitioners in order to reduce the number of preventable accidents to children. Please see information on the following website of how to keep safe at home. It contains lots information that you may find helpful: 

Our School Council have decided that they would like to raise some money for the charity and would like to have a cake sale. Due to current restrictions the sale will have to be in each individual class. We would really appreciate if you are able to help us in raising some money, by donating some cakes to sell please. If you would like to donate, please bring your cakes into school on Monday 7th June or the morning of Tuesday 8th June. This will allow enough time for the cakes to be quarantined.

Unfortunately we will be unable to have home baked cakes and the cakes will need to be brought into school sealed in their original packaging. The School Council will be selling the cakes within their own class, so could you please ensure that the cakes don't need to be kept in a fridge and are still in date until at least Saturday 12th June. We really appreciate your help with this, as everything is so different in the current circumstances.

The cakes will be sold for 50p each (Depending on size it may be 2 small cakes for 50p). The children will be selling the cakes on Friday 11th June. If your child would like to buy a cake then please send them into school with the correct change (50p) as this will help with ensuring that safety measures are in place for the handling of money, as it will avoid School Council having to give change. If your child is in Reception or Key Stage One then please send their money in a sealed named envelope.

If you have any concerns with regards to your child and allergies, please make us aware of this. If you prefer them not to buy from the cake sale, please send in an alternative they can have at this time, so that they don't feel they have missed out.

We really appreciate your support in helping to raise money for a valued charity and hope that you find the information on their website useful.

Kind regards

Mrs Lara Melia

PSHE Co-ordinator

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