Any Parents having issues linking themselves to new intake/multiple children in School Life please see the guidance notes below...

Any further issues please speak to the school office.

School Life

To activate the school life app for a new child as an existing school life parent, please note the following......

Step 1

Access the schools' website (you cannot attach yourself to multiple children in the app itself)

Step 2

Once on the website, click on the 'Login' tab (if you are on a mobile device, you need to tap the menu icon first) and login with the child's username and password (details available from the school office if needed)

Step 3

Once you have logged in as your child you will be presented with their 'Account' screen.

On the Parent/Guardian section you will see who is able to retrieve the schools' communications for this child (should not show anyone connected at this stage). Click on the Add Parent/Guardian window to connect parents/guardians.

Step 4

From the following screen click on Existing Parent/Guardian' button, fill in your username and password and click on Check Details and Link Account. You should then be presented with a message confirming you have been added.

Step 5

Log back into the 'School Life' app as yourself, and you should be attached to the new and existing child(ren).

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School Life app download
School Life app download