Fundraising for The Ridge's 50th Birthday

To celebrate The Ridge's 50th birthday and the grand unveiling of our two brand new libraries, we would like to ask parents and carers to support us in raising funds to purchase brand new books which can be enjoyed by every single child and their families in our school.

At The Ridge we are determined to instil a love of reading in all of our children and we know that in order to do that we need to provide every single child with a fantastic choice of reading material combined with staff who are knowledgeable about reading and can recommend books to children. All of our staff are keen to recommend great books to the children and help them to be enthusiastic, passionate readers. We just now need the books to do it with! We would love to have a wealth of amazing books so that every child in school can find something; whether they are already a reader and are waiting to be introduced to their next great read or they are a reluctant reader and are in need of the book that will transform them into a lifelong reader. We want to get children of all ages hooked on books and we really need your help to achieve this!

We have a fundraising page which you can visit to donate money for us to buy books. We are aiming for £1000 to be raised (or even more!) this would mean that books for every single class could be bought and children can be introduced to new favourites and immerse themselves in a huge variety of books. We know that reading is not only a vital life skill but is also an enjoyable activity which enriches lives.

To help us reach our target of £1000 please donate at:

On the page, as well as making a donation, you can also see how close we are to reaching our target. The deadline to donate is Friday 12th April. After this, you will receive updates about the books that were purchased with all of the donations and find out how they are being used in school.

Stories are everywhere. They are the most powerful way of communicating and they stay with us forever. We truly believe that everyone can be a reader; they just need to be introduced to the right book! With your help, this can be a reality for all our children.

Many thanks in advance for your support

Miss R Beddoes

Assistant Head Teacher and English Leader

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