Issue Date - 16 February 2018

A message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers

The first half of this term has flown by and it hardly seems possible that we are on holiday next week. I hope that you have a lovely time with your children. It has been a busy time in school and it is pleasing to see how hard the children have been working.

Kind regards

Mrs. D. Hudson


Happy Birthday To Us!

In September 1968 'Ridge School' opened to its first intake of children. Over the past 50 years there have been many changes but one thing has remained the same: our wonderful school community where everybody matters.

We want to celebrate our 50th Birthday in style with a year of activities and events, starting in the summer with a Birthday party and continuing throughout 2018-19! The School Council have been working on their suggestions as to how we might mark this special occasion and we would welcome ideas from parents and carers. Please can you send your ideas to our information e-mail box We look forward to hearing your suggestions.


Staff are concerned about the increasing number of children who are arriving late to school. Children should be in the classroom when the bell goes at 8.50am, but on one day this week 11 children arrived after the bell had gone and the doors had been closed. This has an impact because lessons start promptly and some children are missing the start to their first lesson. This means that they are at risk of falling behind with their learning and many children feel embarrassed if they are late.

Our previous practice of keeping the door open until 8.50am has not helped to ensure that the children are in their classrooms for the register at 8.50am. Therefore, after half term the bell will go at 8.47am and the doors will be closed. It is also worth remembering that our Attendance Policy, which can be found on the school website, says that 'A child who is persistently late (five times within the academic year) may lose the privilege to be coded as 'late' and will instead be marked as 'unauthorised late'.

Parking in Gregory Road

Already this term we have had concerns raised about the parking in Gregory Road. This is a persistent problem and one which affects us all. I am aware that most motorists are very responsible and work with us to keep our children safe and build good relationships with our neighbours. However a small number of drivers persistently park in a manner which is at best inconsiderate and at worst, incredibly dangerous. Please note the following requests and share them with grandparents and anyone else who may pick up your child.


  • do not park on the yellow 'Keep Clear Zig Zags' or in the turning circle in Gregory Road.
  • do not do 3-point turns at the top of Gregory Road on the yellow zigzags - please use the turning circle provided.
  • do not bump up onto the pavement to park causing pedestrians with buggies to walk on road.
  • avoid double parking along the length of Gregory Road
  • do not obstruct the driveways of our neighbours.
  • do not park or turn round in the school car park.
  • whenever possible please take the opportunity to walk to school !

I have again contacted the local police and asked them to visit to monitor the situation. They will issue fixed penalty tickets to offending drivers.


We are currently recruiting for a new Lunchtime Supervisor.

Further details of this post and the closing date is on the WM Jobs recruitment website


If you are concerned about a child then please contact our designated safeguarding lead who is Mrs Hudson, or our deputy safeguarding lead Mrs Hadley

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