Friday 11th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we reach the end of the week, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help and support this week as we have settled the children back in to school. It has been a good week and the children have quickly got to grips with a number of new routines. Their confidence at returning and the ease with which they have adapted to the new norms are a real credit to you all. We have been delighted to hear about all that they have been doing to keep learning over lockdown and over the coming weeks, staff are beginning to find out about the children’s next steps and are identifying any significant gaps that they need to address in their teaching.

Our new routines for starting and ending the school day are becoming more embedded. Thank you for bearing with us as we continually review how we do things to make them as efficient and safe as possible. We would like to make one or two changes to our procedures, which will come into effect on Monday: we are keen to maximise the amount of time that the children are in school, whilst still having staggered drop off and collection times to support social distancing.

Please do all that you can to support social distancing on site and in the locality of the school. This is especially important as we enter this new period of tighter restrictions: it also models a good example to the children.

New Times for Arrival

Year 6                    8.40 - 8.50 am

Year 2                    8.45 - 8.55 am

Year 3                    8.50 - 9.00 am

Year 1                    8.55 - 9.05 am

Year 4                    9.00 -9.10 am

Reception               9.05 - 9.15 am

[from 21st September. Induction Day start times (w/c 14th Sept) remain as advised]

Year 5                    9.10 - 9.15 am

Changes to Departure

Timings will remain the same however, we are changing the door from which some classes are released.

Reception - collect from the classroom between 2.45 and 2.55 pm

Years 1 and 2 - collect at 3.00 pm

Years 3 and 5 - collect at 3.10 pm

  • Year 3 from the main school door, exiting via the pedestrian gate and Year 5 from the door at the top of the ramp, exiting via the rear gate.

Year 4 and 6 - collect at 3.20 pm

  • Year 4 from the main school door, exiting via the pedestrian gate and Year 6 from the door at the top of the ramp, exiting via the rear gate.

If you are waiting for an older child with a younger one, please encourage then to stand next to you, while they wait. Please do not let them run around or use the equipment.

Reminders about Arrival and Departure

  • Please remember to park considerately. Because of our staggered start and end times, our neighbours now have a longer period in the morning and afternoon when the road outside their house is busy. Unfortunately, I have had a second complaint from a resident about their drive being blocked and about people gathering in the street.
  • Please do not arrive before the relevant window of time for coming in to school. We want to avoid people arriving too early and congregating.
  • Please respect social distancing both on site and in Gregory Road. Please avoid congregating at the top of the street, near the gate to watch your child come into school.
  • Please keep to the one way system, especially on the path from the road up to the main playground gates. Please remember to socially distance in this confined space.
  • Parents with children in both Key Stage 1 and 2 may wish to see their Key Stage 2 child into school from the bottom of the ramp before walking their Key Stage 1 child around the building to their classroom door.
  • Parents with prams or pushchairs, who do not need to go to Key Stage 1 classes, may bypass the ramp and steps and instead go across the playground to the bottom gate by the pedestrian gate. Please be mindful of others and maintain social distancing.

As we enter the Autumn Term with an inevitable increase in coughs and colds, I hope that you will find the Attendance Guidance that was issued yesterday helpful.

Thank you for your on-going support, we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Kind regards

Mrs D A Hudson



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