A message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for your support this half term. It has been wonderful to have the children and staff back at the heart of the school and despite the challenges, everyone has adapted well to the new routines. A huge vote of thanks must go out to all the staff who have gone above and beyond to make things work. Classroom staff have given up their breaks and had a reduced lunchtime to clean classrooms. The cleaning staff and Mrs Davenport have worked longer hours to ensure that we have enhanced cleaning procedures and good stocks of soap and paper towels always available. It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated team.

Thank you to you too for being vigilant and arranging for your child to be tested if they develop any COVID Symptoms. So far, we have been fortunate that we have not had any confirmed cases in school but it is inevitable that at some point it will happen. We have our contingency plans in place to support remote learning should we need to close a bubble, but would like to think we will not have to test them out.

As we approach half term, we are reviewing one or two aspects of our procedures and want to let you know of some changes after the holiday.

Start of Day

We want to tweak the timings and arrangements at the start of the day. Key stage 2 classes will have a time at which they will line up on the playground and then go in as a class, as Year 6 do currently. Reception and Key Stage 1 will continue to have a 10 minute window in which to come into class.

· The gates will open at 8.35am but only Year 6, their siblings, pupils who have been specifically requested by their teacher to be in early and their parent, are to be on the playground.

· Year 6 are to line up ready to go into school at 8.40 am. Key stage 2 siblings and other pupils who have been asked by their teacher to be in at this time will also line up in class lines and will be sent in a class at a time once the Year 6 children have gone in.

· Meanwhile Year 5 children will line up ready to go into school at 8.45am followed by their siblings as above. This pattern will continue for Key Stage 2 children as below.


Time                    Year Groups

8.40 am               Year 6

8.45 – 8.55 am    Year 2

8.45 am                Year 5

8.50 – 9.00 am    Year 1

8.50 am                Year 4

8.55 – 9.05 am    Reception

8.55 am                Year 3


Throughout arrival, the one-way system will remain in place with everyone in Key Stage 2 going up the ramp and adults leaving via the pedestrian gate. Reception and Key Stage 1 parents will continue to exit the site using the back gate.

It is important that household groups of adults and children remain socially distant (2 metres) from other household groups during this time to avoid mixing our bubbles. To help this run smoothly please adhere to the following:

· Do not arrive early

· Do not crowd the path up to the playground gates – wait, socially distanced in the street or in your car if necessary and time your journey up the path taking into account others.

· Once your child has joined a key stage 2 line, parents and carers are to leave the site via the one way system. Staff will see the children safely into school.

· Only one adult should be dropping and collecting your child

Arrangements for the end of the day will remain as they currently are. However, it is again important that adults remain socially distant from those in different households. This means standing at least 2 metres apart on the playground from anyone who does not live in your household.



We are going to resume a limited trial of hot meals back in the hall. We need to limit the number of children in the hall at any one time, keep bubbles separate and do a thorough clean down between each bubble. Therefore, initially we will be starting with Reception and Key Stage 1 and if this proves successful we will look to extend the provision to Key Stage 2.

· Reception will eat in the hall and be able to order from the full menu every week

· Years 1 and 2 will eat in the hall on alternate weeks where they can order from the full menu. During the intervening week, the children can order a grab bag to eat in the classroom or bring a packed lunch.

Week Commencing    Lunch in the Hall

02/11/2020                  Reception and Year 2

09/11/2020                  Reception and Year 1

16/11/2020                  Reception and Year 2

23/11/2020                  Reception and Year 1

30/11/2020                  Reception and Year 2

07/12/2020                  Reception and Year 1

14/12/2020                  Reception and Year 2

Every Wednesday an order form will be emailed to you, for you to select meals for the following week. Please ensure that this is completed and submitted by noon each Friday. If you have any difficulties, please advise the school office.


Winter Uniform

Just a quick reminder that after half term all the children should be in winter uniform (i.e. white shirt, not a polo shirt - tie, sweatshirt or cardigan, trousers, skirt or pinafore, grey socks or tights.)


School Photos

As you know, the photographer’s visit was postponed at the beginning of term. We have now provisionally rearranged it for the morning of Monday 16th November, only individual photographs will be taken and orders/images will be placed online. If you have indicated to us previously that you do not give consent for ‘images available to purchase via the internet’ we will be sending a form which you can complete to give consent, should you wish to in the current circumstances.


Flu Vaccinations

These will take place on the afternoon of Monday 16th November. Consent Forms will be issued to you as soon as they are received.


RFA Smarties Fundraiser

Our fundraising in school has been very limited due to COVID, so we hope that you will support the Smarties Fundraiser and please remember to return your tubes by Monday 9th November. Funds raised will go towards replacing our school ipads.


Once again, thank you for your ongoing support. We hope that you all have a good holiday and look forward to seeing you after half term.

Kind regards

Mrs D Hudson


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