Project Gambia - Shoebox Appeal

We have had an inspiring assembly this morning from Bev Hodt who works with Project Gambia. The children at The Ridge have been set a mission by Santa to help send Christmas presents to as many children in The Gambia as possible. We have learnt about a little girl named Oumie who lives on the edge of a rubbish dump. Please ask your child to tell you about the assembly. At The Ridge, we are very eager to ensure that our children have an awareness of our global community and this is just one of the things we will focus on this year. So…we need your help!

As we have done in past years, we are taking part in the shoebox appeal. Please see the information below for details on how this works and what can be included. We have asked every child to bring in at least one thing that can be included in a shoe box for a child in The Gambia. It may be that you would like to make up an entire shoe box as a family – this would be wonderful. The shoe boxes will be packed and sorted by Reception and Year 6 children and staff ready to be shipped to The Gambia with a lot of other resources that have been collected from around our local area.

In order to get the boxes organised in time for shipping, we need donations to be brought in by Monday 15th October at the very latest. If you have things ready before then, please feel free to send them in as soon as you can. Donations can be sent to the Reception classroom.

We would also really appreciate donations of shoe boxes and christmas wrapping paper to send the goods off in please!!

Thank you for helping us to make a difference!

The Ridge Staff and Pupils

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