Astley Burf - September 2023

Day 2 Update

The children had an incredibly busy day yesterday! They spent the day rock climbing, abseiling, climbing high ropes, gaining archery skills and much more, followed by a camp fire and singalong last night.

And as we thought, the children were so exhausted they slept like logs last night!!!

We've got more activities planned for today, and then plan to return to school for 2pm. If you are collecting your child can we please ask that you only park on one side of Gregory Road so the coach can get up the road please!

You will be able to collect any siblings early if you wish, just go to the school office and they'll be collected for you.

We'll keep you updated by text with our return times etc..

See you later!

Day 1 Update

The children had a very enjoyable first day, they managed to dodge the rain and enjoyed their walk.

They had a talent show and film night and enjoyed each others' company at bedtime, maybe a little too much - the staff had a great time settling everybody!!!! ;-)

They were up early this morning, and are breakfasted and excited for a day of adventurous activities! There's a lot planned, so we are hoping that they will be so exhausted there will be no trouble getting to sleep tonight!!!

We will keep you updated with photos as and when we can (the wi-fi isn't the best!).

Astley Burf Parent Presentation

Please find below a link to a presentation with all the information required for this month's Astley Burf residential trip

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